Where this story started! Amanda Mary’s personal journey with cancer: https://mothernatureandyou.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/my-journey-back-from-cancer/

Amanda Mary and Douglas Jewell focus the next 15 years researching cancer. They both teach others what their research was, they teach natural healing! They have been full time students and teachers since. They dedicating the next 15 years to research and educating others to take personal responsibility for their own health.
November 2013: Amanda Mary contacts Jim humble stating her teams (chemical scientists, biochemists and more) concerns raised mms2 sodium hypochlorite, NaClO when absorbed in the stomach free chlorine is formed. This redeems the product unsafe for purpose of use. Amanda Mary’s other concern was the enema protocol. Amanda Mary said she will not be holding any secrets and should they not cease to inform people of this information, Amanda Mary would remove herself from the church.
December 2013: Arch Bishop Jim Humble does not and will not accept the findings and consults with other senior members of the church, with reference to my insubordination.
It is worth noting that Trading Standards, News agencies, all agencies, all main stream news and Fiona O’Leary never made contact with Amanda Mary throughout this time! The disagreement was aired very openly in a very public way!
Jan 2014 Amanda Mary Excommunicated from Genesis church:

NOTE: Amanda Mary was then publically humiliated by Jim Humble and Kerri Rivera with reference to an enema protocol in which Amanda Mary felt un-safe and a physical assault on a child! Amanda Mary would just like to state that although she had this public disagreement with Kerri Rivera she has nothing but respect Kerri and the undeniable success that she has with autism.

Note: No contact from Trading Standards, News agencies, all agencies and no contact from Fiona O’Leary!

Jan 2014 Although Amanda Mary is no longer part of the church. She has a continued friendship with many of its member including that of Arch Bishop Mark Grenon. Although Amanda Mary does not sell MMS products she does stand by the many health benefits that mms, sodium Chlorite, NaClO2 has, for further information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_chlorite

2008 Douglas Jewell has been documenting, researches GcMaf transport protein after finding documentation from Japan. He shares this with Amanda Mary. Both extend their study, hire further staff dedicating their lives to researching documenting, contacting other professionals and sharing knowledge, before long further information was available and the results with cancer far exceeded any expectations. Doug and Mary joined a large network of professionals using and trialing the product. The problem was access to this vitamin D Transport protein Japan were the only reliable producer. Europe did have a company but Amanda Mary was dissatisfied that 1stimmune were selling a low strength product Goleic but claiming it to be an 880ng GcMaf. The product was not stored correctly, results were also fabricated. Amanda Mary was looking for a high strength product with easy applications including transdermal. Both Doug and Mary were not comfortable with people self-injecting without any training.

Doug joined a wonderful team together and progressed. All reliable companies producing GcMaf with exception of Saisei in Japan.

Mary is in close contact with Jeff Bradstreet and others; June 2015 they all started to die of questionable deaths that she 100% believes to be murder. Mary last speaks with Jeff Bradstreet on 18th July, he dies shortly after. He often spoke about Fiona O’leary who had been making a host of threats, harassment, and public interviews against Jeff Bradstreets work. Fiona O’leary hounded Jeff like a dog.

December 2014 Amanda Mary moves to the UK and secures a luxury rental property for six months. Douglas remains in Bulgaria.

2nd June 2015 Arch Bishop Mark and Jon Grenon arrive from Santa Marta in Farnham Surrey Uk as a guests with Amanda Mary in Farnham (note Doug Jewell lives in Bulgaria) Mark and Jon prepare for up-coming seminar on 12th June 2015 http://mmsnews.is/299-last-call-for-genesis-ii-church-seminar-in-farnham

The Arch Bishop soon realizes that no halls were available for the weekend of the seminar, all booked out!. Amanda Mary offers they use a room in her home to resolve this issue. As a none church member Amanda Mary was not a participant in the meetings which took place the weekend commencing 12th June. Amanda Mary simply entertained in other areas of her rented home.

This is what followed: https://mothernatureandyou.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/more-lies-today-in-the-press-and-the-truth/ note: watch the video, Doug not there, Amanda Mary was never questioned, only Arch Bishop Mark Grenon. Why Amanda Mary was never questioned! Because trading standards the “agencies” understood she was not a part of the church or the meeting, therefore nothing to question her for!

Genesis2church response http://mmsnews.is/306-breaking-news-england-attacks-religious-freedom-06-20-2015

Amanda Mary and Douglas were oblivious to this article, they do not have mainstream media and Amanda Mary rarely goes out. 26th June Daily FAIL (Daily mail): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3142513/British-couple-investigation-selling-cancer-cure-contains-BLEACH-live-3million-Surrey-mansion-secretive-church-group.html

July 9th Landlord delay Doug and Mary’s tenancy due to recent article, both Doug and Mary explain the truth and landlord refuses to allow tenancy to commence whilst reconsidering!

10Th July Amanda Mary Hands back keys (tenancy comes to an end and property put on open market by landlord. Mary takes family to stay in local hotel whilst storing her furniture and awaiting 3 days for landlord to reconsider!

14th July move in to new home with new provisions in the tenancy! Landlord confirms he spoke with trading standard officer at Surrey county council whom confirmed although I am under no investigation they would like to know when and if I take the tenancy!

15th July Doug and Mary Fly to Dominica for a vacation, long overdue honeymoon.
Unaware of what was being printed further back home.