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Holistic specialist and Cancer researcher left for Dead on Vacation

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“Wait, what?” we exclaimed. “Notanother torture-porn horror movie hoeing the well-rutted row of Hosteland Turistas!?”

Words cannot express our relief to discover that the histrionic headline actually adorns a blogpost from one Amanda Mary Jewell, autodidactSenior Cancer Researcher… she is on a working holiday in Dominica but is sensing a mood of hostility among the Dominicans, who unfairly suspect herto be an exploitative grifter. Through her blog she pleads with the UK authorities for declarations of her non-grifterhood, which would greatly increase the comfort of her sojourn in Dominica while she scopes out locations for an Alt-Health cancer clinic there, safe from UK and US regulatory busybodies.

All this might come as news to those of us who last heard of Amanda and Doug Jewell only 6 weeks ago when UK Trading Standards officials dropped in on a multilevel-marketing seminar at their manor-house in Farnham, Surrey. Which may not be the buckle of the Stockbroker Belt but is at least the third hole. The visit attracted more than the usual amount of media attention as the seminar was devoted not to tupperware, nor Avon cosmetics, but rather to promoting industrial-bleach enema kits, for treating cancer or autism by burning out the intestines of the patient. Also it was held under the auspices of the Genesis II Church… this being an organisation that was founded in the hope of bringing industrial bleach under the aegis of Religious Freedom with the enema as its sacrament.

Reports of the investigation in the UK tabloid press — with their predictably prurient focus on the whole ‘enema’ aspect — are evidently what inflamed the imaginations of the child-like, easily-led Dominicans, so if Ms Jewell dies in a native uprising or is sacrificed to their giant ape deity then it will all be the fault of Trading Standards, first for the Surrey investigation, and then for not proclaiming her to be innocent of everything.

It emerges that in the interim Ms Jewell has experienced a Road-to-Meniscus conversion, and left the Church and its clyster communion behind her. In its place she has discovered (and this is what brings the whole hairball of a story into the purview of Riddled) the panaceal properties of GcMAF (You would not believe the paperwork involved inchanging every “MMS” reference in the website replacing a”.com” website with one at WordPress). Hence the move to Dominica and the plan to spread the gospel of the healing protein with a chain of clinics across the Caribbean.

Jewell noted she will be in Dominica probably until mid August and then go on to Antigua where she is also working on a project similar to the one she is hoping to set up in Dominica.

Amanda is greatly concerned about the Great Culling of GcMAF grifters. Will she become the next victim?

One thing we know about dystopian future gubblements is that they  broadcast ‘killing as an organised sport’ as a Reality-TV series, aspanem-et-circenses to distract the masses. This always happens. It must be a tradition, or an old charter or something. Just saying, if it becomes GcMAF-dealers versus Big Pharma wet-teams, I will watch the hell out of that series.

Though if someone wants to re-make The 10th Victim they might need someone younger than Ursula Andress to play the part of Ms Jewell.

Anyways… the Bulgarian hotel / spa ‘Pearl Lodge’ — where formerly the Jewells hosted dying guests on package tours where they experienced a restorative health regimen ofskiing, exercise, waters and underground-bunker survivalism (and bleach enemas) — now serves as an entry point for importing “second generation GcMAF”from the Saisei-Mirai manufactory in Japan* and distributing it across Europe. See, all above board! Though Amanda is loath to supply UK customers with the Saisei-Mirai product, instead referring them to Perhaps this is a matter of professional courtesy. Readers may remember 1stProEngineering as being one of the tangled skein of companies set up by Trevor Banks and Lesley Hutchings, to on-sell versions of GcMAF-labelled products — sourced from FirstImmune but diluted or homeopathic but enhanced withcolloidal silver or Emu oil.

Meanwhile Ms Jewell is intent on convincing the Dominicansthat industrial bleach is no longer part of her artistic practice business model (although she will not go so far in her apostasy as to condemn the Genesis Church outright, for it does good work in the area of forcing bleach into children’s intestines). Also:

  • Her only association with the Church’s activities was to provide a room in the Farnham mansion for the use of Arch-Bishop Mark Grenon to exercise his Bishopric.
  • It wasn’t even her mansion, but someone else’s, where she and Doug were merely visitors themselves.
  • The investigation of the seinar by authorities was totally not a raid with all the negative connotations of that word; in fact she personally invited the inspectors in for a friendly chat.

The comment threads of theDominica News Online reportageare a thing to behold, as lively as maggot-ridden meat, with a swarm of new commenters leaping to Ms Jewell’s defense and vouching for her sterling work with orphans. I am not making this up.


* The Saisei-Mirai chain of cancer clinics in Japan offer an eclectic, non-judgemental portfolio of long-abandoned pre-chemotherapy treatments including Laetrile, Ukrain and Coley Toxins, as well as cutting-edge woo and their own special patented GcMAF-labelled product. They make enough money to buy a 2012 special issue of Nature, with 5 pages of advertorial for the chain’s therapeutic options though the issue seems to have been recently unpublished from the Nature website.



Nature attacks you and Nature heals you

Website Article:

Things that HAPPEN, they are the worst kind.

Despite one or two less-than-optimal experiences with the carnivorous plants and the Evolvamat, we are not easily discouraged here at RiddledResearch Laboratory. The triumphant onward marchshamble lurch of Science will continue for as long as replacement lab technicians keep answering our Situations Vacant ads.

Despite a name that is redolent of the homeopathic pharmacopeia, it turns out that “Carnivora” is not a highly-diluted preparation of big cats, rabid mustelids, pinnipeds and hyaenas,* to be taken as a counter-agent to the effects of partial consumption by tigers. It is in fact, as we learned from RI commenter Lighthorse — kindling our interest in this research direction — a cancer nostrum extracted from Venus Flytraps. It is promoted through websites and radio as a cure for Ronald Reagan’s colon polyps.** Or something like that. At last, a cure for people who find themselves turning into a dead presidential colon polyp!

Evidently “Carnivora” was patented by Dr Helmut Keller in 1987,

who based it on his own theory that carnivorous plants, which can break down primitive epithelia, might be able to reduce malignant tissue.

It shows no benefit in clinical trials [other than Dr Keller’s own56% cure rate]. OTOH, high enough concentrations apparently slow tumour-cell proliferation in vitro… as indeed does lye, and spilled Spiced Parsnip Scrumpy (which is why we now encourage Another Kiwi to finish his pint before returning to the Riddled biological-containment facilities after morning tea-break). This is enough to convince the magical-thinking enthusiasts that it must be enhancing the test-tubes’ immune responses, and to step up production, the industry now consuming enough of the protected Dionaea muscipula to spur new methods of cultivation.***

Imagine, then, the curative potential of Fresh-Pressed Triffid Juice, available soon, only from Riddled!

By the way, there is a vacancy for a lab technician. Interested readers with the appropriate skills should contact the Riddled Research Laboratory.

* Not to be confused with some other Big cat / rabid mustelid products which certain staff members are said to smoke, which is only a rumour, and anyway it’s only when the supply of dried leeches runs out.

** The “Reagan-cured-by-clandestine-visit-to-German-cancer-clinic” mythologem is potent and versatile. As first invented by Andrew Scholberg, scuzzbag grifter “medical journalist and health freedom advocate”, the German crank purported to have cured Reagan’s cancer in 1985 was Hans Nieper; the Gentle Healing Alternative Modality he used was hyperthermia: and the proof of the story was the absence of evidence for it, demonstrating the effort invested in the cover-up. But cranks gotta crank, and Nieper had pioneered any number of Gentle Healing Alternative Modalities… so the story quickly metastasised so that in some tellings around the campfire the cure was achieved with cesium chloride, and in others it wasmistletoe, or Laetrile, and now the Carnivora dealers claim the credit (while the list of patients who had bought clandestine cures from Nieper expanded to include every US celebrity and the entire staff of the FDA and AMA).

Then Nieper died, leaving the story just lying there forother dirtbag scammers to dust off, file off the serial number, and replace Nieper’s name with their own. Easier to steal someone else’s bullshit than make up their own. Because if they weren’t lazy easy-option-takers then they wouldn’t be cancer-scam lowlife.

In another development of the mythologem, it is an article of faith within the crank catechism that Reagan was alsocured by Dr Charles Simone [tenured Complementary Medicine crank; an exponent of supplement pills, shark cartilage and self-promotion], who was the double secret probation White House Oncologist, or

was stuffed into a grocery truck and made his entrance into the white house through the backdoor where deliveries are made

Or both.

*** The “Carnivora” website is perhaps the only snake-oil company to provide e-mail addresses for contacting dead staff members.


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Amanda Mary Lies Again!

Amanda Mary Jewell owner of “MotherNatureandYou” says she never sold MMS.

Knee deep in it and running from the Heat!

Newspaper article:

A British woman, who is being investigated in Britain for selling potions containing bleach as a “miracle cure” for cancer and autism over the internet, has reportedly fled to Dominica after authorities began a probe into her activities.

It is reported that Amanda Mary Jewell hopes to set up shop for her controversial alternative medicine business in Dominica.  According to published reports in The Express in the UK, trading standards officials in Britain raided her £3-million home in Farnham, Surrey, last month and warned her that it was against the law to offer unapproved treatments for cancer.

A photo from Facebook showing Jewell in Dominica. Photo courtesy

It is further reported that she spends time at her home in Surrey and her “healing clinic” in Bulgaria where she dispatches her “medicine” to customers around the world. Now it appears that Jewell is in Dominica where she has been posting photos of herself on Facebook and posting videos on YouTube (see below).

“I am in Dominica looking at opening a new centre,” she said in a Facebook post.

But advocates of Autism and cancer are sounding the alarm that Jewell is posing a danger because of a medicine she sells called MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution ), which is described as “a toxic bleach solution.” Autism advocate and founder of ART (Autistic Rights Together) based in Ireland, Fiona Oleary, told DNO that Jewell is dangerous.

“She is making huge profit from experimenting on Autistic children and also those who are suffering from serious illness such as Cancer and AIDS,” she told DNO via email. “She is a member of this cult the Genesis II Church and people are suffering awful side effects from ingesting these unregulated and dangerous ‘Treatments.’ Autistic children are suffering horrific side effects including Renal failure, internal bleeding, vomiting and diarrhoea daily, hair loss, boils and burns on skin, and much more. In Ireland criminal investigations have begun into parents using MMS on their Autistic children and also into those selling MMS. The authorities in the UK are investigating Amanda Mary Jewell …”

She said Jewell fled to Dominica to avoid the police and prosecution. MMS itself has been covered by a number of international news organizations such as the BBC, ITV and NBC. All have concluded that the ‘alternative’ medicine is dangerous.

For the time being it is unknown which part of Dominica Jewell is located. Dominica News Online will contact health authorities on this matter as to whether they are aware of the presence of Jewell in Dominica and her plans to sell this alternative medicine here. Article courtesy See videos below on Mary Jewell in Dominica


‘Miracle cancer care’ church Genesis II hits out at authorities over seminar

Newspaper article:

A church allegedly marketing a banned miracle cure has hit out at police and trading standards for their heavy-handed presence at a seminar in Farnham earlier this month.

Nearly 30 people attended a secret meeting of the US-based Genesis II Church, held at the home of Farnham resident and church member Amanda ‘Mary’ Jewell on June 12.

It was alleged the church would be supplying MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) at the seminar. Similar products supplied by other groups have been described as a fierce concoction akin to bleach, which is banned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

However, the church claims MMS can cure all manner of ills, including cancer, HIV and malaria.

Officers from Surrey County Council’s Trading Standards department and Surrey Policeattended the meeting after intercepting a number of attendees at Farnham railway station, where those interested were told to gather to be taken to the meeting, on the evening of June 12.

Google Street View

Posting on the MMS News website on Saturday (June 20), Archbishop Mark Grenon said Trading Standards later “broke into’ Ms Jewell’s house and disrupted the service – which he said violated the church’s ‘religious rights”.

The officers were invited to return after the service to discuss the matter, which the church filmed and published on MMS News, with the full post republished by Ms Jewell on her own blog Mother Nature and You.

The video shows the officers explain to Mr Grenon while Trading Standards did not attend to intervene in religious matters, it had powers to enforce legislation banning any trade of MMS.

Mr Grenon said Genesis II was a church, not a business, but the officers stressed professions covered by ‘divinity’ were not exempt from the legislation.

On its website, the FSA states: “MMS is a 28% sodium chlorite solution, which is equivalent to industrial-strength bleach. When taken as directed, it could cause severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, potentially leading to dehydration and reduced blood pressure.”

In an email, one of the organisers Bishop Jonathan Grenon told guests that in exchange for $400 (£250), they would be made ‘health ministers’ and would receive a package of ‘sacraments’, including MMS.

In a statement, a spokesman for Trading Standards told the News & Mail that, while there was no evidence of MMS being supplied at the meeting, officers were still concerned people were being ‘misled’ and wished to remind the church of the legislation banning MMS.

Anyone who attended the event is still urged to contact Trading Standards on 01296 388771.

A spokesman for Surrey Police confirmed the force did attend the event on June 12, but stressed Trading Standards had taken the lead on the investigation, adding: “The role of Surrey Police was to attend to prevent any breach of the peace.”

Update – Trading Standards closely monitor MMS sales in the UK

Newspaper article:

On June 15 we reported on the latest developments abut Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), entitled; Seller behind “Miracle Mineral Solution” exposed by BBC undercover investigation. 

This is an extremely harmful substance, that contains sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid, which is basically household bleach. This product which is being sold as an enema; is being targeted towards parents and carers of autistic children. The Genesis 11 Church claim that MMS will ‘cure’ autism.

On June 21, the Express reported that trading standards officials are closely monitoring Amanda Mary Jewell, a senior member of the Church, who lives in Farnham, Surrey.

Trading standards officers, “intercepted 15 people who gathered at Farnham railway station while awaiting car rides to her home for a seminar,” the Express reports.

When they contacted Ms Jewell she told them that she does not sell MMS, but water purification. However, her website Mother Nature And You, is selling MMS kits to customers in the UK. The website clearly states:“Fast reliable 2 working day delivery to the UK.

Customers are even advised to call her Surrey home phone number.

Fiona O’Leary, who we reported on in our latest coverage, who is an active campaigner against MMS, told the Sunday Express: “It has been presented as a cure for autism, which is complete nonsense.”

The Genesis 11 Church’s take on events, was that they had been ‘attacked’. In a newsletter postedonline they stated:

“On Friday night, June 12th 2015 in Farnham, Surrey England, four agents from Trading Standards (Consumer Protection Agency in the UK) broke into a private home and disrupted a church service of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. While I was explaining how to restore health from a certain tropical disease called “Chagas”, the owner of the home, Mary, screamed as the front door was broke open by a very big Trading Standards agent, along with three other agents, forcing themselves into this private residence.”

We hope that it is only a matter of time before this dangerous substance is banned EVERYWHERE. This organization who call themselves a ‘Church’, prey on the most vulnerable in society. Shame on them.


EXCLUSIVE: New warning over ‘cancer cure’ product being offered to patients that can kill

Newspaper article:

MEDICINE watchdogs have issued a warning about a cancer “cure” product being offered for sale by a controversial couple being investigated by trading standards officials.

Wealthy Doug and Amanda Jewell have come under fire over claims they have been selling “cures” for illnesses, one of which – MMS – health experts say contains the same chemicals as industrial bleach.Last month references on the website to MMS, a so called cancer cure, were removed after their home in Surrey was visited by concerned trading standards officials.

Now we can disclose that medicine experts are concerned about another cancer “cure”, GcMaf, which is still being offered for distribution on the website.

The website says: “GcMaf kills cancer Saisei Mirai GcMaf available, dispatched from Europe Now.”

It adds: “Saisei Mirai GcMaf and 2nd generation high strength is now available and being distributed from Europe Bulgaria! Ship only on Monday and Tuesday’s it is not advertised anywhere so be sure to contact me for (Gcmaf) 1500 ng or 7500ng for practitioners at discounted price.”

Buying medicines online is a risk, many websites operate outside the legal requirements and you have no idea what you are getting

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Desperate people interested in the so called “cure” are urged to contact Ms Jewell through an e mail address.After being told about the offer, officials at the London based Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency closely examined the site.

They later issued this statement to the Sunday Express: “This product is not licensed in the UK.

“Buying medicines online is a risk, many websites operate outside the legal requirements and you have no idea what you are getting and how it will affect you.

“To protect your health, visit your GP, get a correct diagnosis and buy medicines from a legitimate high street or registered pharmacy which can trade online.”

The couple split their time between their £3 million home in Farnham, Surrey, and a hotel in Bulgaria, where she runs a “healing” clinic offering cures for chronic illnesses.

They distribute products from Bulgaria through a website called mother nature and you.

Doug Jewell once ran an organisation called Arc Survival. A keep fit enthusiast, Mr Jewell feared the end of the world was coming and offered places in a bunker in Bulgaria for a financial fee.

Outlining the thinking behind the organisation, his website says ARC members believe in truth, peace and happiness.It goes on: “Life without fear, without worry.

“Unconditional love, the creator of all.

“We do not believe in politics and do not believe in any government organisation who by their very nature have their ranks will with power hungry, greedy people, the system has been created this way.

“Religion as a man made creation, has been created to divide.

“Languages were created by man to dive and confuse.”

“We strive to create our own safe haven. A place to unplug and feel nature when the world outside is upside down.

“A place that can survive and thrive through all disasters that may come as part of a new balance in the future. Perhaps you can unplug and be part of a better future.”

The website has been taken down.

Ms Jewell says she no longer sells MMS. She also claims she is no longer a member of the Genesis II healing church, which is at the centre of global controversy over selling the MMS liquid.


‘Miracle cure’ probe woman sets up a new Caribbean base

Newspaper article:

A WOMAN under investigation in Britain after potions containing bleach were sold as “miracle” cancer cures over the internet is planning to open a new healing centre in the Caribbean.

Amanda Jewell has posted a picture of herself in a wheelchair to announce that she is now looking to expand her controversial alternative medicine business to a sunkissed island.

Her £3million home in Farnham, Surrey, was last month visited by trading standards officials who warned her that it was against the law to offer unapproved treatments for cancer.

Jewell already splits her time between Surrey and her healing clinic based at a modern hotel in Bulgaria, from where alternative medicines are dispatched to customers around the world.

In the new internet post she claims to have been injured in a zip wire accident five years ago.

Her post adds: “I have damage to my spine and cannot walk as my legs will no longer hold me.

“I am in Dominica looking at opening a new centre.”

Trading standards executives raided her gated mansion to monitor a meeting of followers of the controversial Mexico-based Church of Genesis II.

The church has been condemned for selling “miracle” cancer cures, which have turned out to be dangerous industrial bleach solutions.

Officials wanted assurances the so-called MMS liquid was not being offered to followers and were told it was not.

Ms Jewell was once a “bishop” in the church but has distanced herself from the organisation in recent weeks.

However, in a YouTube video she is pictured at her desk in the Bulgarian clinic with a church poster behind her.

Her daughter Emily, who is in her mid-20s, has been undergoing training in alternative medicines in Bulgaria.

In an Instagram picture, Emily is pictured with a middle-aged man and a woman called Zara.

Calling herself Miss Energie, Emily’s caption reads: “With doctor-in-training Zara and one of my favourite patients. So angry what these pathetic UK doctors have done to him with chemotherapy.

“He is now recovering and managed to double the expiry date they gave him.

“Open your eyes people, how much money goes into cancer research and what have they really come up with since chemo?”

Asked if she worked for her mother, Emily insisted: “No I don’t work for my mum. I have my own business myself.”

British couple under investigation for selling ‘cancer cure’ that contains BLEACH ‘live in £3million Surrey mansion and are part of secretive church group’

Index 0.1 Newspaper article:

  • Amanda and Doug Jewell’s £3million mansion raided by trading officials  
  • Officers questioning whether they were selling ‘MMS liquid cures’ to sick 
  • The Church of Genesis II reveres the mixture as a healing ‘sacrament’ 

A British couple are under investigation for allegedly trying to sell industrial bleach to vulnerable people as a cure for cancer and autism.

Trading standards officers and police raided the £3million home of Amanda and Doug Jewell in Surrey earlier this month to break up a meeting of members of the Church of Genesis II.

The organisation offer ‘MMS liquid cures’ to desperately ill people seeking ‘healing’ – potions that have previously been exposed as containing industrial bleach.

The Jewells have continued to live a life of luxury after the raid, splitting their time between their Surrey mansion and a hotel in Bulgaria, The Sunday Express reports.

The Pearl Lodge hotel, located in a pine forest near a ski resort, contains a clinic for sick people to visit and is where Ms Jewell is understood to have taken orders over the internet for MMS.

Now Mrs Jewell announced on Facebook she would delete all reference to it from the Bulgarian hotel website, explaining: ‘I don’t want people to think I am still selling it.’

Mark Grenon, the self-styled ‘Archbishop’ of the Church of Genesis II shared a video of the raid at the Jewells’ home – describing MMS cure as a ‘sacrament’, and adding that they only ask for a ‘donation’ towards the mixture.

In a 4,000-word rant on Facebook, he denied that MMS was harmful and said the state had no right to interfere in his church’s teachings.

‘They were passing out flyers stating how our church teaches sacraments are dangerous to health and not approved by their government agency’, he wrote.

‘Could you imagine if this same train of thought was used on ALL churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious or spiritual meetings around the world?

He added: ‘I told them that not one single church in the world would allow ANY government to stop the taking of their sacraments and the right to worship peacefully.

‘Our Creator has given us the gift of life and health, and it is up to us to maintain that health in our temple – the body.’

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards said: ‘While there was no evidence that MMS had been supplied at the recent meeting in Farnham, we have serious concerns that vulnerable people are being misled in order to profit from their misfortune.’

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