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Hello Amanda, my name is Heather and I am writing to you to plea for your understanding.

Now I won’t begin to agree with your business in Gcmaf. As a cancer survivor for over 20 years (and, yes with chemotherapy), I have seen the progress made in cancer medication, the incredible progress made in cancer survival rates. 80% of all children with cancer now survive, even with leukaemia, this is amazing. When I was ill, survival rate of leukaemia in kids was only 20%. As far as I am aware the only cure for leukaemia is chemotherapy, so I certainly don’t agree with your 3% survival rate claim. Anyway, I am not writing to you to discuss this. Without spreading your misconceptions, you wouldn’t have a business.

Anyway, I am writing to you to basically talk about Autism. Cancer and Autism are completely different conditions. Cancer is a cell mutation which spreads, killing healthy cells. Autism is a neurological difference. My son is Autistic and he is perfectly healthy. I never worry about his health. Vaccinations are proved to not cause Autism. My son’s Autism is genetic, as there are definately undiagnosed older relatives in my family

I know you have found a new area to flog your gcmaf, so I am not going to attempt to educate you otherwise.

The most worrying issue I have though, is your change of opinion regarding your friend Kerri Rivera. I witnessed your fall out, and read about your dismissal from the genesis church 2 due to disagreeing with her recommending daily enemas of MMS. This must have been quite a brave decision. But, now due to your similar fight with Fiona Oleary I see, you are both reunited in friendship. To the extent that you are even recommending her protocol. This worries me greatly and I would like to cast your mind back to why you fell out with Rivera in the first place.

Enclosed in this email, I have put screenshots from Rivera’s CD Autism Facebook group. I want you to read these carefully, and think about what is happening here. Would you give daily enemas to your own children? Mother to mother, please be honest. Have you touched your child’s back passage since they have grown out of wiping their backsides? It’s certainly something I think oversteps boundaries between a mother and her child.

I don’t believe in MMS, I never have, and I never will, but even if Rivera’s protocol magically worked, what damage would be left? Physically, a ruptured anal passage, an anal prolapse? Mentally, Amanda where do we start? So now the child is ‘healed’ of Autism. What do they remember from their childhood? Their mum giving them constant enemas, maybe their dad too, maybe Gran? The social boundaries have been destroyed, their personal body vindicated. It’s tantamount to child abuse? I think we can say that. Would memories have them confused about what boundaries they should respect with the siblings, future sexual partners, their own children? This is wrong and you know it. You would never do this to your child, and neither would I.

I am asking you please, to stop promoting Rivera, Germany and Ireland both now call her protocol child abuse. So does Barnardo’s and the NSPCC. In supporting Rivera, you are supporting child abuse. I don’t think you want to be seen as doing that, as I hear about how much you love children.

I will not hide the fact that I am friends with Fiona Oleary. We are both on this website
autistic abuse awareness/ I have the upmost respect for Fiona, who is has an enormous heart, and has only, ever done this to try and protect Autistic children. Autistic people don’t lack empathy. This is a myth. My son has the biggest heart imaginable. With the introduction of many communication aids, Facebook, twitter and many other sources, Autistic children are growing into Autistic adults, many who do hold jobs, have families, are successful in life, infact I am sure you have met a few without knowing. They are the driving force in telling us what helps, and most of them express that they don’t need a cure. What they need to acceptance.

See Autism isn’t like cancer. Without treatment a cancer patient will die, without treatment an Autistic person will not die. Autistic kids can, and many do thrive. The “recovered” Rivera speaks of aren’t “cured”. If they do exist, they have found coping strategies, have been repressed, or perhaps at present don’t show enough traits to warrant a diagnosis. Are they still Autistic? Of course they are, and you know what? That’s OK. The world needs all kinds of people. This isn’t a big pharma conspiracy. Many autistics never need medication.

I know your opinions probably won’t change about Autism. I can’t talk you out of the products you are selling, and I can’t convince you to see the good side in someone you feel is a threat to your business, but I can ask you to please discontinue your support for Rivera. Her protocol is wrong, and abusive, you have known this from before and you can do it again. I saw Kerri showed you support at the airport etc, but you will know this was purely for business reasons as her focus is to downplay MMS now and focus on

I am posting this letter on our website and will also post your reply

Thanks for reading

Heather Beattie