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he US Army Natick Soldier-RDEC seeks partners to commercialize a novel method for rapidly, controllably, and safely generating aqueous chlorine dioxide from inexpensive, dry reagents for spray-on or rinse disinfectant applications

Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant for Surface or Rinse Applications
The Technology:

The US Army has primary responsibility to protect the Warfighter from exposure to pathogenic microbes such as Bacillus anthracis or Listeria monocytogenes, or Escherichia coli, which can contaminate foods or food contact/handling surfaces. Chlorine dioxide routinely inactivates resistant bacterial spores and foodborne pathogens with better material compatibility than other chemical sanitizers, and while minimizing hazards to the user and the environment. The present technology mixes small quantities of two dry powders in water to produce aqueous chlorine dioxide on-site at any concentration desired within minutes. Concentrations can range from 1-10 ppm, 25-100 ppm, to more than 500 ppm, and the chlorine dioxide can be used to clean surfaces anywhere, at home or in the office, in labs or in kitchen/food handling environments, or for use in flumes to rinse fresh produce.

  • Point-of-use generation of ClO2
  • Surface disinfectant – spray, rinse, or immersion
  • Easy-mix chemicals for packets or tablets
  • Customizable concentrations for myriad uses
  • Inexpensive, available chemicals
  • Safe for human use and the environment
The Opportunity:
  • Patent application is available for license
  • Potential for collaboration with US Army-Natick