Newspaper article:

On June 15 we reported on the latest developments abut Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), entitled; Seller behind “Miracle Mineral Solution” exposed by BBC undercover investigation. 

This is an extremely harmful substance, that contains sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid, which is basically household bleach. This product which is being sold as an enema; is being targeted towards parents and carers of autistic children. The Genesis 11 Church claim that MMS will ‘cure’ autism.

On June 21, the Express reported that trading standards officials are closely monitoring Amanda Mary Jewell, a senior member of the Church, who lives in Farnham, Surrey.

Trading standards officers, “intercepted 15 people who gathered at Farnham railway station while awaiting car rides to her home for a seminar,” the Express reports.

When they contacted Ms Jewell she told them that she does not sell MMS, but water purification. However, her website Mother Nature And You, is selling MMS kits to customers in the UK. The website clearly states:“Fast reliable 2 working day delivery to the UK.

Customers are even advised to call her Surrey home phone number.

Fiona O’Leary, who we reported on in our latest coverage, who is an active campaigner against MMS, told the Sunday Express: “It has been presented as a cure for autism, which is complete nonsense.”

The Genesis 11 Church’s take on events, was that they had been ‘attacked’. In a newsletter postedonline they stated:

“On Friday night, June 12th 2015 in Farnham, Surrey England, four agents from Trading Standards (Consumer Protection Agency in the UK) broke into a private home and disrupted a church service of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. While I was explaining how to restore health from a certain tropical disease called “Chagas”, the owner of the home, Mary, screamed as the front door was broke open by a very big Trading Standards agent, along with three other agents, forcing themselves into this private residence.”

We hope that it is only a matter of time before this dangerous substance is banned EVERYWHERE. This organization who call themselves a ‘Church’, prey on the most vulnerable in society. Shame on them.