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There is a new substance been used which is unlicenced and has not been properly studied in clinical trials. It is called GcMAF (globulin component macrophage activating factor) and is made from blood product. Claims have been made that it can treat a range of conditions including cancer, HIV and autism. It has some side effects which we are aware of, including nasty rashes similar to MMS. See Rashes, and statements regarding key GcMAF individuals, taken in GcMAF Autism Facebook Group, in screenshots below.

Unfortunately, there have been many purchases from websites and other unregulated sources, and GcMAF is often manufactured illegally. The article below
pertains to GcMAF being seized by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in Cambridgeshire, because: “Not only were the manufacturing conditions unacceptable, but the originating material was not suitable for human use (source below).”