INHUMANE practices on children to try and ‘cure’ autism are happening all over the world and GcMaf is one of them, a campaigner has claimed.

Fiona O’Leary, who has two sons with autism and has Asperger’s herself, said she was continuing to research different products being used to treat children with the condition.

As a well-known campaigner in Ireland against a practice called MMS – a chlorine dioxide product – Mrs O’Leary said she had researched other methods being used and she was ‘horrified’ that GcMaf was being marketed as an autism treatment.

Mrs O’Leary argued that parents were desperate and vulnerable and were easily hooked into trying treatments.

But autistic children were not ill, she said, and therefore GcMaf was having negative effects on those given it.

But Immuno Biotech chief executive David Noakes said the mother-of-five’s comments were a ‘pack of lies’.

Mothers of autistic children liked them ‘the way they are and don’t want them to be improved’, he said.

‘In my view that is morally indefensible because you should give your child the best chance of life they can have,’ Mr Noakes said.