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It’s abuse. Yes it’s abuse. There are so many other words that I could use, they are not polite words but they too are appropriate in the situation. Abuse is a fitting word. What other word could there be for it. What other word can there be for marketing such things. What other word can there be for prescribing such things. What other word can there be for using such things. And what other word can there be for using such things on your very own child. Your very flesh and blood.

child-334309_1280How can such things be. How can one come to such a place where they feel it is okay to inflict abuse on the child they birthed, the child they brought into the world through an act of love and intimacy. That a mother grew and nurtured in their very own body. That being that shares their very genetic make up. How can this be. I can call it nothing other than an act of abuse.

How does it get to this point. I simply can not fathom tat such things could ever be countenanced by a parent.

How have we got here.


Where is here, and what is this I speak of you may be wondering. I speaks of situations where children are fed industrial bleach both orally and anally. Where this is done again and again. Where this is done to the point that a child’s intestinal lining falls out with their faeces. Where irritation and pain is obvious. How have we become a world where this happens?

To state that this makes me angry is something of an understand. It drives me into a state of anger that is so very hard to describe. It drives me to action. I am privileged to be a part of a group of fearless activists speaking out about this. It is an honour and a privilege to stand with them against this abuse. But the question remains how in fuck did we actually get here.

Yes. there is no denying that we are indeed in a terrible place. The question we must answer as part of the solution is how we got here. A battle against this is a two pronged battle. On the one hand we are fighting on the cold face of these terrible treatments. Against Miracle Mineral Solution or Chlorine Dioxide. GcMaf, Chelation, hyperaric Oxygen chambers, questionable stem cell, faecal transplants (yes that is a thing). On the other front we have the battle of the hearts and minds. The battle against pathologising, language of holocaust and epidemic, peak groups cashing in on the characterising of disease, disorder and the search for a cure.

As long as we have to fight on this second front we will never completely win the first front.

Whilst we have a situation where myths of vaccination causing autism continue abound in the face of mountains of evidence dispelling the myth. Whilst we have a situation where the peak bodies such as Autism speaks characterise autism as a terrible thing coming to take away your child and destroy your family. Whilst we have the continued media reports of autism as always something less, as if it is in fact some kind of sub human form of being. Whilst we have all of these things we will always struggle to defeat crackpot, snake oil so called cures peddled by pervasively slimy salesmen and women like Jim Humble, Amanda Mary Jewell, Kerri Rivera, Leonardo Edwards to name a few.

ball-and-chain-851439_1280It’s no question these treatments have been exposed for what they are. Industrial bleach, products derived from unfit for human blood products, experimental, unregulated and unapproved treatments. It is that simple. MMS for example has been exposed by multiple labs for what it is, extremely toxic industrial bleach at levels more than 500 times safe for human consumption.

I don’t see how it is ever excusable that these treatments could ever be condoned, and ever be administered by parents on their children. I just don’t, they simply can’t they are simply abuse. Nothing other than abuse. These parents should be prosecuted and face the full force of the law for what they have done to their children.

Having said this though, I do say, that if the dialogue was changed by the peak bodies, the media, if acceptance of autistic people as a normal variance of humanity was real, then such treatments would never be sought after for these children to begin with.

The message is clear. Autism is a developmental neurological difference. Autism Spectrum Difference. It’s not a disease. It is not a disorder it is a difference. It is time for peak bodies to stop throwing millions of charitable dollars after a cure that will never be found. Because we do not need a cure. We are not sick. We are different we are not less.

Change the language, change the dialogue, change the reporting and perhaps we can stop the terrible abuse being perpetrated on people for no other reason than they have a different neurology. #DifferntNotLess #IDontNeedACure #ActuallyAutistic

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